Trolley Farm

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Vintage wares, country goods



Quotes Trolley farm has the coolest stuff! From birds nests to canvas bags to soaps and oils and homemade preserves! Thanks!!! Quotes
Amy Vine

Quotes I slept last night in a gypsy wagon surrounded by dreams and beloved objects. Woke to breakfast in bed and a spray of apricot roses on the tray. God bless you, Trolley Farm! many thanks. Quotes
Enchanted Customer (Ms. Seares)
Sweet Dreams

Quotes Quotes
Green Media
We proudly support

Quotes The services, products and environment at Trolley Farm are all expressions of the passionate, caring and joyful commitment of its owner, Dr. Lynn Schriner, to benefit, improve and uplift life, for her customers and for the world around us. She places a strong emphasis on personal, high quality care in everything she does. I wholeheartedly recommend Trolley Farm to you, whatever your interest; you are certain to find refreshment and beauty as I have for years! Quotes
Victoria Woodworth
Customer, Sister and Friend.

Quotes Amazing! No where else on earth can you sleep on a tempurpedic bed under a chandelier in a trolley! Hear the sounds of nature, take a Jacuzzi and if you like Breakfast in bed with eggs from the farm! Thank you. Amazing Quotes

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