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Weeds, weeds and more weeds

Posted on July 10, 2013 at 6:10 PM

I have always thought that weeds were alot like sin. How easily they grow under the worst of conditions. There can be a flood and the first thing that returns is a weed. There can be a drought and in the middle of the cracked and barren soil is a weed. The soil can be sand, clay, rock, where nothing of value grows except for,( you guessed it) weeds! While flowers and vegetables take nurturing and compost and nutrients, water and prayer. Lots of prayer. Weeds grow in every condition and in every place (much like hair when your older and it grows in WRONG places but that is a story for a different time)

So I started to research weeds from a medicinal stand point and I found some fascinating facts about the plants we call "weeds." They can be really good for you!  My favorite "weed" in the world, the dandelion. I personally do not understand why a dandelion is considered a weed. Have you ever seen a meadow of them in the sunlight? In their yellow glory they are magnificent!  Did you know they are full of Vitamin A and that they are great for you liver? That they compliment a salad with a tasty flavor and when steeped make a decent tea? There are a number of different weeds that bring a beautiful salad to a new level. Did you know that most weeds are edible? Ok I know that a lot of you are saying "Yuck" right about now and I understand. I think however it is important to keep in mind that with the bees collapsing in large part because of herbicides to kill weeds (Roundup being the most widely known and used) cancer rates soaring and babies being born with 250 chemicals in their umbillical chords, (which translates to a chemical bath invitro) it is incredibly important to stop using these unbelievably damaging chemicals and make peace with weeds.  There are ways to make peace. One is to accept that weeds are a part of life and can be managed without chemicals. You can burn them, use vinegar on them, salt them in a cracked driveway, or use them as I do as therapy and pull them out after a rain or a good soaking with the hose. You can grow them like flowers which some of them look just like flowers you buy, you can mow them low and use them for ground cover in your garden. I love dandelions because they feed my rabbit a healthy treat, they bring food for honey bees, they brighten up my yard and they make me smile in their cheerfulness! In the later stages they make a great photograph. Which always leaves me smiling.


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